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September 2019: Photos from the Washington, DC premiere + what’s next.

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August 2019: Join us in Washington, DC for the premiere!

June 2019: Challenge grant surpassed and premiere information coming soon.

May 2019: Challenge grant raised to $15,000.00.

May 2019: President Sirleaf to attend film premiere and update on our challenge grant goal.

April 2019: Announcing Annette Bening as the film’s narrator.

October 2018: Building bridges and first test screenings in Santa Barbara.

September 2018: The latest interviews and preparing for the next steps during the final phases of editing.

May 2018: A walk down memory lane and next production stops.

March 2018: Revisiting the 70's & 80's.

January 2018: A Story of Hope.

November 2017: Interview with Reed Hastings and thoughts on change.

October 2017: New interviews and meet our Art Director.

August 2017: The Peace Corps' middle years.

July 2017: Voices of the Future.

June 2017: Voices of Our Elders.

May 2017: Centennial Commemoration of President Kennedy.

April 2017: Spotlight on One Earth Future Foundation.

We need Americans who can speak other languages, understand other cultures, have a perspective that includes other world views. We need Americans who can help us develop relationships with people of other countries, and help them build positive relationships with the United States and have positive perceptions of Americans.
— Carrie Hessler-Radelet, Acting Peace Corps Director

March 2017: Share your Peace Corps story.

February 2017: Recapping Liberia and honoring Black History Month.

January 2017: Looking forward to filming in Liberia.

December 2016: End of the year reflections.

November 2016: What does it take to make a documentary?

October 2016 Newsletter: Back from the Ukraine and considering world events and their potential impact on filming.

September 2016 Newsletter: Interviews with Senator Chris Dodd and Peace Corps Director  Carrie Hessler-Radelet, preparing to visit Ukraine.

August 2016 Newsletter: Alana DeJoseph's story behind the documentary.

July 2016 Newsletter: Read about the four newest interviews we conducted.

June 2016 Newsletter: Our inaugural newsletter and results of our fundraising campaign.


Peace Corps News

War and Peace and Juliane, Santa Barbara Sentinel, April 10, 2017


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