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Online Resources

Please note: These resources are not affiliated with the Peace Corps but were created by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

Peace Corps World Wide


Peace Corps Worldwide celebrates the Peace Corps experience by publishing stories from around the world by RPCVs and Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs), to share with all who have a desire for international understanding.

This effort is at the heart of the Third Goal of the Peace Corps, to “bring the world back home.” Publicizing the writings of RPCVs and PCVs, all their novels, short stories, essays, and poetry is a positive way of educating Americans about the world; an essential Peace Corps Third Goal activity to provided a link between the cultures of the world and our culture.

All work done for Peace Corps Worldwide is volunteer, and the site is in no way associated with the Peace Corps or the National Peace Corps Association. This online magazine is an outgrowth of the print newsletter Peace Corps Writers that was first published in 1989 by John Coyne and Marian Haley Beil (both Ethiopia 1962–64) to promote, encourage and recognize Peace Corps writers. In the duration the effort has expanded to do all that as well as to share news and information about the Peace Corps, assist the members of the Peace Corps community bridge cultures as they fulfill the Third Goal of the Peace Corps, tell the incomparable stories that come from the Peace Corps experience, and more recently, publish their books.

Peace Corps Worldwide: History

A brief history about this important effort.

Peace Corps Online

Peace Corps OnlineThe Independent News Forum Serving Returned Peace Corps Volunteers: Hugh Pickens, RPCV, is publisher. There are no current postings, but it is a historical source.

Posh Corps

Posh Corps, from producer and director of the film Posh Corps, RPCV Alan Toth, also produces this online resource. Posh Corps is a website which focuses on the modern Peace Corps experience. “Our films and videos tell the stories of volunteers in South Africa, West  Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Americas.”

Sargent Shriver Peace Institute

Sargent Shriver Peace Institute includes online speeches by Sargent Shriver delivered during the time he was the first Peace Corps Director. Photos, documents, and the PBS documentary about Sargent Shriver, American Idealist, are also part of the Institute’s collection.

Live Lingua

The U.S. Peace Corps has been sending volunteers from the United States to countries all over the world for over 50 years. In fact, Live Lingua was founded by one of these volunteers. During his training he was amazed at how quickly and effectively the language learning material worked. Live Lingua has contacted the Peace Corps offices in Washington D.C. to obtain permission to be a repository of these courses, but we do not own any rights to them. If anybody wants to use this material for commercial purposes they will need to contact the Peace Corps offices to get permission. We are offering this material free of charge with no cost or commercials. If you have information that would lead you to believe that some of this material is not public domain, or if you have some PC training material that we have missed, please contact Enjoy the free language learning. 

Please note: Even though Live Lingua was founded by a returned Peace Corps volunteer (Mexico 2006-2008) neither he nor Live Lingua is currently affiliated with the U.S. Peace Corps. Making and maintaining this portion of Live Lingua is his way of helping complete the Peace Corps Third Goal.

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Museum of the Peace Corps Experience

Please Note: The museum is an NGO and not affiliated with the Peace Corps; it was created by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

The Committee for a Museum of the Peace Corps Experience (CMPCE) is devoted to sharing the Peace Corps story with the broader American public. The museum is not yet a reality, but active support from the national returned volunteer community will get us there.

We were started in 1999 by a committed group of returned Peace Corps Volunteers in Portland, Oregon. While most of our members are drawn from the Portland metro region, involvement is welcome from returned Peace Corps Volunteers, staff, and supporters all over the world.

We are an affiliate group of the National Peace Corps Association, and we coordinate our activities with the Columbia River Peace Corps Association.

Please contact the Museum about their policy for accepting items from RPCVs.

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Historical Reference Works

This list is divided into two parts.  The first includes works by authors who were Peace Corps Volunteers and/or Peace Corps Staff.  The second includes work by Scholars and Journalists who were not Peace Corps Volunteers and/or Peace Corps Staff.

The list is not meant to be exhaustive.  As already noted, the Library of Congress has an annotated bibliography of over 300 books authored by RPCVs and Staff.

Peace Corps World Wide has a bibliography of Peace Corps Writers that is constantly updated. 


Works by Authors who were Peace Corps Volunteers and/or Peace Corps Staff:


  • Peace Corps Chronology – 1961-2010, by Lawrence F. Lihosit, RPCV, 2011

  • Point of the Lance by Sargent Shriver, 1964

  • When the World Calls – The Inside Story of the Peace Corps and its First Fifty Years,by Stanley Meiser (former Peace Corps Staff), 2011

  • The Peace Corps Experience: Challenge and Change 1969-1976, by P. David Searles (Former Peace Corps Country Director and staff), 1997

  • Keeping Kennedy’s Promise - Unmet Hope of the New Frontier, by Kevin Lowther and C. Payne Lucas (Former Peace Corps Staff),1978

  • A Moment in History: The First 10 Years of the Peace Corps, by Brent Asgabranner (Former Peace Corps staff),1971

  • Agents of Change: A Close Look at the Peace Corps,by David Hapgood and Meridan Bennett (Former Peace Corps Staff),1968

  • Cultural Frontiers of the Peace Corps,edited by Robert T. Textor (former Peace Corps staff),1966

  • Come As You Are: The Peace Corps Story,by Coates Redmon,1986

  • The Politics of the Peace Corps & VISTA, by T. Zane Reeves,1988

  • Of Kennedys and Kings: Making Sense of the Sixties, by Harris Wofford, 1980

Works by Journalists and Scholars who were not Peace Corps Volunteers and/or Peace Corps Staff:


  • The Bold Experiment, JFK’s Peace Corps,by Gerard T. Rice, 1985

  • All you need is Love: The Peace Corps and the Spirit of the 1960s, by Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman, 1998

  • Making A Difference: The Peace Corps at Twenty-Five by Milton Viorst, 1986

  • Letters from the Peace Corps edited by Ireis Luce, 1964

  • Volunteers for Peace: The First Group of Peace Corps Volunteers in Colombia by Morris Stein, 1966.

  • What You Can Do For Your Country: An Oral History of the Peace Corps, by Karen Schwarz,1991

  • Making Them Like Us: Peace Corps Volunteers in the 1960's, 1998
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Other Suggestions

Please Contact us to suggest additional resources.