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Peace Corps volunteer Dr. Kevin Rodgers holds a sleepy child during filming in Liberia.

Peace Corps volunteer Dr. Kevin Rodgers holds a sleepy child during filming in Liberia.

When Warren Wiggins and Bill Josephson drafted the Peace Corps' blue print in the now famous "A Towering Task" memo, they took the title from John F. Kennedy's state of the union address: "The problems are towering and unprecedented - and the response must be towering and unprecedented as well." Today, in a world divided economically, politically, and culturally, where the US' position in that community is being continually reevaluated, what role can the Peace Corps play? To what purpose do we send some of our brightest minds to foreign shores?

To answer this question, this first comprehensive documentary about the US Peace Corps takes a look back at the unique history of this independent government agency, its charismatic leaders, the political machinations that have steered the agency through its nearly six decades, and its current state. Most importantly, the film looks forward to the relevance of an agency so unique that its story acts as a prism to today's toughest questions about service, community, international relations, social justice, and climate change, redefining our responsibilities to the global community.

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